Chapel Perilous

So, this week, one by one all my little fear monkeys have been coming out to play. Could be because so many of the good folk on Spirit Refuge (SR)have been talking about facing their fears. It could just be that since I have once again started consciously following this path (Oh, I’ve always been on it, just decided to become more conscious 🙂
So it seems like every other day either an old insecurity or fear that I thought I had dealt with comes running into my head gibbering away. There seem to be a few that I had never met before, but then the kennels back in those dark corners have been around for ages so no doubt some have bred.
There seems to be a difference. Where once, I would run from the fears and withdraw, now I am inviting them to walk beside me.
Maybe as i pass people I know, I’ll introduce them to my fears. Who knows maybe I’ll dress them up in funny hats and teach them to perform.
Funny, when they chased me, my fears were huge. Walking besides me, one or two still cast large shadows, but the fears themselves seem to be shrinking. As I get to know them better, i can even see where they might have been useful once,
Odd thing too, didn’t there use to be more of them?
No doubt, a few will make some noise every now and then, but these fears are almost cute and they are telling me …good-bye

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