Hermit Wisdom Reading

1-What is the Hermit’s secret?
IX of Pentacles (rev)

IX of Pentacles

2-What is the Hermit’s light?
VIII of Cups (rev)

VIII of Cups

3-What does the light reveal?
The Lovers
The Lovers
4-What three questions does the

Hermit want us to ask?

a) The High Priestess
b) Knight of Pentacles (rev)
Knight of Pentacles
c) King of Wands
King of Wands


What is the Hermit’s Secret? IX of Pentacles (rev)

“lack of discipline, low regard for yourself but also spontaneity over long-term goals”; “Feeling extremely alone-would like to venture and try to communicate”

Before I expanded my online presence (FB, SR, Twitter, Youtube, etc…) I was feeling cut off… Aaron’s career was taking off. Zev’s needs were keeping me home. I felt like I couldn’t make long-term plans for myself, then I expanded my presence (writing more, meeting more people with similar goals and intentiond, making and deepening friendships)

What is the Hermit’s light? VIII of Cups(rev)

“This energy is diminishing”; “Rest is needed” “Karmic circumstances can make a positive change in your life. Take control. Be honest with yourself. “Stop negotiating”; “Look at your obligations full on. They must be dealt with”; “You don’t have to explain because someone wants you to”; “Changing the patterns of relationships”

Hmmmm, well let’s see. In the past while I have definitely been chafing at the bit a lot in my relationships with my family (Aaron and Zev) I have had the insight that they are the source of my strength but no one has said that either marriage or fatherhood were easy choices. I believe that the Hermit’s light is to deal with it all honestly (with new eyes) as my blog last night said and stop negotiating or settling for less than what I want or need.
The light is:

  • Self-honesty
  • Presence
  • Confidence
  • Letting my freak flag fly 😉

It is also shining out who you are-living up to obligations but not disguising yourself to suit another’s needs.

What does the light reveal? The Lovers

“First of all, it signals love”; Other meanings may apply, especially choice”; “Another possible meaning is adolescence or a person coming to a whole new level of themselves” “Finally it can mean a person in harmony with his or her various selves”

I choose the final meaning there 😉 The light of self-harmony of shining out myself to myself and others is helping me harmonize my various questions. Being in love and loving myself and the universe 🙂

4-What 3 questions does the hermit want us to ask?

  1. The High Priestess
  2. Knight of Pentacles (rev)
  3. King of Wands

Could you please restate those in the form of a question? 🙂

  1. When/How/Where (especially with school out for the summer do I carve the time/space for myself to meditate/ write / make videos / go within?
  2. “inertia allowing others to take advantage of you” “Taking more chances or finding other interests”
    How do I shine myself out (commit myself to) being myself enough that I don’t put other people first?
  3. “A very confident figure. He may be impatient with those who think or act too slowly, who cannot keep up with him, or face his tendency to take charge. He has no guile, however or ill will, just a powerful energy”
    How can I manifest in myself the confidence to express who I am without any masques or games?

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