Sunday-Dad’s day-Solstice

Another wonderful day-Starting out at Birch bay then winding our way back to Vancouver where we went to Banyen Books and the number of books I have lined up to read has hit an even more ridiculous number. We then returned home to a super father’s day dinner prepared by Zev, Amanda and Anne Marie .Nice
Zev has gotten me the coolest deck of Tarot cards. The Quantum Tarot. Here are a few cards from it:

quantumMoon Judgement

So today’s message as I was walking Rufus was: “Empty your cup” which i am interpreting to mean that i have to keep sending out information and energy. It also has to come through me so that there is room for more. I need to just keep channeling it all.
I have kept up with the Elwood P Dowd program- Being as enthusiastically pleasant to people as I can possibly be and it is amazing how many people respond to it in positive ways. Oh some people react to someone smiling at them as if they belong on the short bus or suspiciously but most smile back, its fun.
Also the Morning Has Broken Program-seeing the world and the people around me through fresh new eyes. That one is a bit tougher. It’s the one that i have to fight against habit with the most.
Most of all tho I am enjoying how good life feels lately.

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