Memes-Spread the word

Meme can be defined  units of consciousness or ideas that get reproduced  by repetition in similar ways to how genes get biologically reproduced. An advertising slogan can be considered a meme. So can a hook to a top 40 song. So can expressions that we hear commonly

“My bad”


“Weapons of mutual destruction”

“Don’t worry, be happy”

Any racial, ethical gender or other slur that gets repeated without direct knowledge would be a meme.

“The world will end in 2012”

“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and gosh darn it people like me..”

All memes.

One of the most interesting qualities of memes to me would be the way they stick inside your head and echo till you find yourself repeating them. It could be a song that you hum…, or self talk…it could be a joke from a sitcom that you saw the night before but memes like to reproduce

Hmmm….so ideas that echo in our head that we think about and if our thoughts affect our reality….then the memes that enter our heads daily affect our reality!!!!

Sure makes a good argument for being  careful about what information we let enter into our heads and what memes we spread…

When people ask how we are doing do we say “Same shit , different day” or do we say “Every day a new adventure….”

How does saying each of those affect our reality?

How does the things we say affect the reality of the people around us?

Lots of great questions

Lots of awesome responsibility

Starting today I think i will start putting out….

Sorry couldn’t resist 🙂

I will start putting out a quote of the day, some meme that I’ve come across that I feel like sharing. I do this quite a bit on twitter.

Quote of the Day

“Act so as to encourage the best in others, and by so doing you will develop the best in yourself. ” — Felix Adler

sand angels

Making Angels in the sands of time

Tarot Haiku-Temperance

Hey Everyone-

Tonight’s card is Temperance and it is a rough one. Three candidates that come close in different ways but none of which say it quite right. Feel free to comment on which one you may like best.

1) Artistic Vision

Take my divided nature

and reform my soul


2) Alchemy angel

Combine my split being

Reveal something new

3)Unlikely balance

Forcing me to blend two ways

and fine a new path.

En La Kesh

If you are another me
then why am i filled with fear
when you approach?
If you are another me
why don’t I feel at ease?
We both encompass the cosmos
and thus contain each other
and yet… this loneliness
but if you are another me
you understand.

If I am another you
then I can feel
when your heart speaks
If I am another you
then there’s no skin between us.
I reach out to feel
the you-ness of my soul
and yet…this awkwardness
but if I am another you
you feel it too.

If you are another me
I will love myself
I will gaze in your reflection
and adore the rising sun
I will live
inside my heart
and share…this providence
and since we are all one
you know it too.