Jellyfish Returning To A New Home -A Fable

After seemingly endless travel, home was now in sight. Not that they had ever been there before. Home had called to them through the vast non-emptiness that lay between it and their planet of birth. The ones who heard the call found themselves leaving one day, sending farewell to their loved ones. They weren’t understood.

“What do you mean you are going home? This is your home. Here you have love and been loved, here you have been cared for and cared for others. In what way is this not home?”
“All that you say is true. I do love you to the depth of my capacity and yet there has always been part of me, as deep as my love for you has been that has stayed untouched, I didn’t even know that it existed until now but suddenly I have received this call and nothing else matters as much. I feel regret that I must now leave wyou  but I can no more deny this than I can deny my very being tho for you I would try.”

So the discussion would go, mirrored in each home, in each area where they had lived. They left neither unscathed nor unscathing but they could not resist that siren call. They rose off as one into the starlit night and began their voyage.
They left as mere shadow reflections of the planet that they had called home. As they travelled towards the beloved that called them, each of them took on distinctive form and colour, becoming more and more themselves.
Now the planet was in sight and the call within them became louder and louder. They started to resonate with the tone and with each other, tho there was no sound produced  in empty space, still there was vibration as each of them became attuned, their beings becoming  one  note in a vast universal chord.

This all along had been their reason for being and this becoming rang true.
Perceiving with senses they never knew they possessed, they knew that there were beings here from all over, all different yet now all one.

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