Hanukah Statuses

This Hanukah, on each of the eight days, I wrote a facebook status that related to the qablaistic idea of the number who’s night it was

At a time in the year when it approaches its greatest darkness (winter solstice), a candle is lit, a point of light that illuminates all. Happy Hanukah everyone, May we all find our light.

Two candles lit, a voice answers and the world becomes a bit brighter. Whenever two or more..

Out of the light of two candles comes a third, Enough light to continue warming the hearts of us all

Four candles lit –half the menorah grounding us in our traditions, illuminating past and present.

Fifth Night- The strength of the candles’ glow warms our hearts and awakens us to the possibilities.

Sixth Candle lit- The menorahs sitting on the table glowing with a beautiful soul-filled light bringing our thoughts to the heavens

Seventh Candle is lit and Light wins a victory over darkness. We bask in love at the resplendent light

Eight Candles- The night is lit with splendour.. The miracle has occurred as we have allowed more light to enter our hearts and our lives

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