Tarot Card of the Day – December 23 2009 – XVI – The Devil

XVI – The Devil

Glory glimpsed then returned
to chains of mortal flesh
Can I escape and see again
what lies beyond?
If not, can I learn to love my chains
the sensation of sensation
each breath, each sight, each sound delighting me
and you, beauty and heat
besides me in the dark
also chained yet not caring,
Food we have, drink, sustenance
that we give and take from each other
the circle closes but not of our chains
of our freedom
and it all feels so good
No! Come with me and we shall escape…
only to be thrown back.
Stay with me instead
and let us indulge
and transcend…

The Devil From the Rohrig Tarot

Astrological: Capricorn
Hebrew Letter: Ayin “Eye”


Path on tree: 26th – Connecting Tiphareth to Hod

Rune: Elhaz or “Elk”
(To be Cont’d)

3 thoughts on “Tarot Card of the Day – December 23 2009 – XVI – The Devil”

  1. Great artwork, I love the picture. The poem is very thought provoking and I like it but I’m tempted to make a funny comment about the chains so I’ll say nothing.

    1. What’s funnier is that for a change, the chains were without the customary smile tho bliss and joy were part of it
      Recently I reached a new understanding of The Devil card and Force and how it works…The poem (as well as a video I did last week) is my expressing the knowledge

      The card is from one of my favourite decks.. The Rohrig deck

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