Tarot Card of the Day- January 24 2010

IV of Swords

Thoughts war with thoughts. Well, maybe not war as much as dance. They swirl around here and there without ease. Thoughts of home with happiness turmoiled. Kids, Schools, Teachers, Doctors, Social Workers, Art, Spirituality, gods, men, politics, philosophy, aliens, 2012,  Math, Clients Art? Art all orbit and combine with reckless abandon. Research on the tree hanging from  its branches locating gods so that I can locate myself? HUH? How many angels can dance on the head of a sephiroth? All depends on which one and what order of angels? How did that angel get into my pyjamas, I’ll never know yet I will survive. Other places fun is had and ale is drinken, here there is garbage that needs removing and decisions that need making on how best to handle kids, work and housecleaning.


I need to stop my mind, to rest, to slow it down. Order can be put to chaos and yet the thoughts resist.  Meditation not medication can win me surcease or a few moments peace. Contemplate  Infin-naught. Tho, there is that in me which loves the potential of a cluttered mine for who knows when two discrete things will come into alignment and show me something new. Without that, with a mind newly organized, with each idea put into it “proper” place, do I face stagnation?

Still a respite, a chance to go within-to find peace and therefore become a happy medium.

IV of Swords Rider-Waite deck

Chesed in Air


♃ in ♎

Jupiter in Libra
I Ching ____ ____
____ ____
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24 Fu “Return”

(The Turning Point)

Tarot Card of the Day- January 20 2010

XVIII -The Moon

I heard her calling me last night
Her voice the whisper of
the waning moon
casting shadows with her secrets
raising doubts from seeds left buried
all so long ago

She lured me with her promises
Secret knowledge offered
Illusions granted
Calling me through castle doors
Strange creatures howling point the way
I beguiled go

She showed me things that couldn’t be
Demented Nightmare’s gift
monstrous awakening
She took from me my secret fear
replacing shadows in its stead
I trembling go

and yet to reach the morn
through Hecate’s night reborn
–G A Rosenberg

XVIII The Moon by GA Rosenberg
Path on
the tree of life:
between Netzach
and Malkuth
Hebrew Letter: Kaph


which means back of the head
Astrological: Pisces

“Pisces is the last of the signs;
it represents the last stage of winter.
It might be called the Gateway of Resurrection”

Quick Thoughts

1) Innocence combined with Intelligence can lead to enlightenment. They do seem to be pretty difficult to coordinate tho.
2) I find that it can be inspiring to see every person I encounter as a manifestation of Godhead. However saying “Thank you God” vocally when receiving change at the corner store can get you some really strange looks
3) “…and still I persist in wondering whether folly must always be our nemesis” –Edgar Pangborn. Is it a measure of honesty to hit the send button on email with such abandon?
4) Raising kids is a misnomer. The best thing that any of us can do is raise ourselves and share it with them. Then get out of the way
5) If you think you have it all figured out…..WRONG!!!! The universe is always stranger and more wonderful than we ever expect it to be.