2010-The Year We Make Contact

…or so the old movie tagline read. Interesting in that 2009 felt like the year I woke up (or perhaps only parts of me that slept for way too long)
ah 2009, I kiss your withered cheeks and bow to your aged wisdom. Namo year that was and equally respectful greetings to the year that stands before us.
My apologies if the entry seems a bit disjointed. I am writing it out without planning so much beforehand. I seem to be free styling more and more these days, with the videos and art that come through me as well as how I conduct myself it seems. Perhaps I have finally become trust-worthy enough that I even trust myself a bit more. Perhaps I trust that or those that express themselves through me. So many ways of saying the same things. Yet the words we choose are key. Saying things one way can find you honoured, another way ignored and another way vilified or thought insane and yet the idea behind the words may be the same.
Earlier this evening i was thinking of those maps you see at rest stops on the highway. Usually there is an arrow pointing to the spot on the map that indicates the viewers location with words that state “You are Here”. I found myself wondering where the arrow would be pointing for me at this point. I then realized how relative it was and that the question applied in so many ways.
(To be Continued)