Tarot Card of the Day – Feb 28 2010

III of Pentacles

Binah in Earth
Mars (♂) in Capricorn (♑)


The ever present question:
— What do you do?
— Well, right now I’m breathing.
No, What do you do for work, I mean?
— Oh, well I write some, I do some photo collage work, I make videos
You make money doing that stuff?
— Not a lot but its what I do
What do you do for money?
–Spend it mainly. Every so often I try to give it a good home
Wise ass! No, I mean what do you do to make money (and don’t even say anything about no printing press, you do know what I mean
–Oh Ok, I say placatingly. I raise foster kids with disabilities, I also teach computer skills on the side. Family money augments the rest.
Ah, why didn’t you say so? He thinks he has me all figured out now.
–You didn’t ask
Yeah I did
— No you asked me what I did for work. I guess the real answer to that would be that I try to understand. I try to figure out the universe and how I’m connected to it and what it means. What is it that connects me with everything else and what part of me connects to it?  In other words, I do myself.
You do yourself?
–Yes I seem to be a work in progress…

III of Pentacles from Morgan-Greer Deck

I Ching 13: Tung Jen (Community or Fellowship with Men
____ ____

Above:  Ch’ien (The creative Heaven)
Below: Li (Fire, Clinging)
It is natural for fire to flame up to heaven thus the idea of community (think tribes sitting around the ascending fire, telling tales). It takes the passive 2nd line that ties it all together. There is a need for a yielding member with clarity among the dominants to hold the community together.
In a community, each must work (persist) towards the needs of the community as a whole. For the community to work tho, there is a need for a leader with clarity, who’d job may be to decide rather than to do…
For society to work there has to be organization within the differences, one man must be able to have the vision

Mars in Capricorn – a purposeful subtle energy; quiet and controlled way of looking at life; goal-oriented and future minded, they have their eyes on the star and go for it…
A controlled energy; almost wrapped to tight but they tend to get what they go after

In readings:
when this card comes out, it usually holds indications for the work environment- with the possibilities for both trouble and achievement. There is often in my experience a note of being watched (either in a being groomed or probationary type of way)
Often indicates work not going well. someone isn’t happy with job performance, usually this has to do with a job not enjoyed or just not working up to one’s best efforts…

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