Golden Apples in Vrndavana Fields

Setting : A dance club Vrndavana Fields that lives somewhere in our hearts. I look around. The atmosphere is somewhere between that of a church and a goth club with a bit of druidic conclave added for good measure. Trees grow from the floor and their branches provide natural places for the lighting. All my friends are here along with incarnations of godhead from various pantheons and belief systems. What music plays here? Ah, a bit of everything from the sacred hymns and gospel you may expect to death metal, hitting all stops along the way. Right now Billy Idol’s voice can be heard singing “Dancing With Myself”. Krishna, Yeshu and Lucifer are in a corner dancing shirtless enjoying the irony.

Everybody here seems to be having a great time. We hang out and dance, read, drink or eat, kiss and couple in a totally natural way with none of the drama that sex usually brings. Innocently, an exchange of energy and some of the lovemaking is energetic indeed. In this place even casual play is sacred yet no matter accrues to it.

What lies outside of this club be it field or forest? There are no secrets, we may know or not know. Perhaps we only see a little. After all, the reality is too large and we each have our bit to contribute to this feast..
Speaking of feasts…
A Golden Apple rolls in. On it can be read the word Kallisti, which is greek meaning ‘for the most beautiful’. It seems that the goddess Eris is up to her old tricks. It was an apple, such as this that started the Trojan War. Does she now hope to start the War of the Trojans? She looks around expectantly. It seems that everyone here knows that not only are they entitled to the apple but but that every other being is also, The Most beautiful referred to being that eternal spark of godhead that resides in us all. As each comes to this realization, the apple grows large enough for everyone to take a bite. After all there is only one tree from which this apple could have come and one garden in which we dance. Perhaps the winged doormen with the flaming swords should have given us our first clue…
In love and joy, we partake of the apple, and by doing so we all realize our divinity. The sweet juice of the goddess runs down the sides of our mouths and we transcend transcending. Trance ends transcendeing.

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