Random Thoughts – Jun 06 2010

If mature wisdom resembles being too tired
then what does innocence resemble?
Waking up after a night’s deep sleep
the day opened wide before you
as if it were the first day
each thing seen with new eyes
as if never seen before…..

I aspire to wise foolishness
the two words are not mutually exclusive. It takes some truly wise
to play the fool
and it takes someone
who has swam in the sea of folly and foolishness to find wisdom…
At this point I am neither wise enough enough to be foolish
nor foolish enough to be wise…

In the end it was not that my voice needed to be found
I just had to be still long enough to hear it….

Somewhere an amateur writer
writes of a lone Rose in the Garden
who speaks of what its like
to be the one left on the vine
as all her companions
were picked……..

If the words that you want do not come
then delight in the ones thad do…
many times they know what needs to be said
all we can know is the wanting…

Plugging into the Prem current
Divine love electric and alive

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