Metaphysical Rambling- I left My Meter Running

The spirit soars
The soul compells
but in the end
the ego tells
tells what?
Can I tell my left-hand from my right
and does my direction matter?
Teachers stand in all directions
offering offerings
light to show my chains
making me see
torturing me
setting me free?
Gnosis pizza on the menu
Eat a slice and release
the indwelling spirit
I guess we’re all gnostic pizza at that
but will we be delivered on time?
The left-hand knows
what the right is doing
but vice-versa
and which way lies the diamods?
God is shooting craps in the corner
for universal stakes
the dice are loaded
but to leave
you have to play as you go
Grab hold of the wisdom snake
he’ll pull you through
At each level leave a bit more
of your soul behind
It’s getting hot so jacket off
transcend that which you know…..
and know that you transcend

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