Tarot Card of the Day – July 17 2010

Three of Wands

Binah in Fire
sun  (☉ ) in Aries (♈)

Knowledge received
soon to transmit out
I understand now
how to use what I’ve been given
To channel it to others
to the world
even to the universe
I set my sights on the horizon
soon to manifest..
Now the journey can truly begin….

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Three of Wands by G A Rosenberg

I Ching Hexagram 11-Thai (Peace)
____ ____
____ ____
____ ____

K’un – The Receptive, Earth over Ch’Ien The Creative Heaven
The creative is about to manifest
The beginning of spring
With Heaven beneath the earth, their powers can come together in deep harmony
Those above help out those below and all feuds are ended.
The Light is within, the dark without so the light has maximum influence (interplay) with the dark
The wise man knows how to use the energy put out to yield maximum results….

sun  (☉ ) in Aries (♈)
This energy involves taking -charge and leaping forward, it knowa what it wanst, how to get it and will let nothing get in its way. Like Spring expressing itself after winter. it doesn’t necessarily take others into account (other than how they fit into it’s plans)

III of Wands in readings:
Right side up (or well-aspected): The person asking acts in accordance with nature (both theirs and general). Depending on the other cards in the reading, one would seem to be on the right path. They have found their purpose and can proceed. A new understanding of one’s energy and how to use it.
Reversed (or badly-aspected)-Finding goals and what one’s path feels difficult. Acting outside or out of harmony with one’s nature. Feeling blocked..

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