Tarot Card of the Day – August 11 2010

Queen of Swords

Water of Air
21 ° Virgo (♍) to 20 ° Libra (♎)

I first saw her
seated on her throne
clothed only in starlight
Lured by a beauty
that can only be experienced
I approached
At that moment
not only did I loose my heart to her service
but everything until then I
believed myself to be
Nothing did I hold back
and nothing did she leave me
as with the sword of her regard
she began to slice
everything false in my existence
As I dissolve
I cry out
in exquisite being / not
spiritual discorporation.
With her I remain
and continue on…

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Queen of Swords by G A Rosenberg

I Ching Hexagram  28 Tậ Kwo

Preponderance of the Great
____ ____
____ ____

The way that Aleister Crowley describes this hexagram in the context of this card is fascinating. He suggest that overall the structure is that of a ‘weak beam’ but describes someone who’s true will is to go off on quests with disparate companions on quests that will enable growth but are doomed to failure even tho going on them was apparently the right thing to do….

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