Oracular Vernacular by G A Rosenberg

I ask for direction
you give me dissection
of paths traveled thus far
and lines from the zohar
or some other strange text
i don’t want to reflect
but to move on
I need to groove on
what you have said

and yet in reflection
I see the deflection
of all that was keeping me
chained up, instead of free
such trivial woes
I know how I need to go
but to move on
I need to grove on
what you have said

I’ve been taken within
I know how I can win
my spirit  has seen a way
I can fight off this malaise
where doesn’t matter much
It’s more how I feel and touch
but to move on
I need to grove on
what you have said

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  1. The very alertness of what is; is deliverance, so long as we are ignorant of what we are and are demanding to turn out to be something else, so long will there be misrepresentation and soreness. The very consciousness of what I am conveys about transformation and the liberty of perception…

    Look forward to reading your other poem G.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Seeking Blessings

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