Surfing Emotional Currents; Reaching for Perspective

Endlessly fascinating
in a solipsist way
sharing my thoughts with shadows
loving the lives they play
at peace with myself or am I
content to search, knowing
i may never find
elephants definition owing
what part I have grabbed in the blind

still if i don’t trust answers
new questions always occur
i laugh at my endless reasoning
yet will always listen to yours

I hunger for perspectives
A fractal shape i’ve never seen
even if smoke and mirrors
meaning i may glean

and yet at night
I feel lonely, tired, sad
sometimes a bit frustrated
more than a little mad

this emotional tidal current
catches me in its spin
caught up in the torrent
seeking calm within

and so i reach out to
and find you shadows there
you reflections of my being
help me conquer fear

together we travel on
we myriad tricks of light
we particles of existence
illuminating eternal night…

–G A Rosenberg

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