Pieces of the Puzzle- Fragments, Partial Poems and Questions…. or Enlighten Up People =)

Some snippets tonight, conversations and contemplations, blue sky and cloudy…perhaps pieces of the puzzle, something may be found here that will click into place revealing a huge chunk of the big picture … or perhaps just part of a tree in a forest… Indeed perhaps its coloured sand in a kaleidoscope that will keep shifting into new patterns. That seems to be the way that my mind has worked ofttimes before….Lately tho, things have felt clearer… I seem to be finding my answer and my path. I refer to it as waking up tho at times at best I seem to be rousing , the metaphorical cup of coffee that restores full wakefulness still a ways away..
Perhaps waking up happens by degrees for some of us, a bit at a time with stops and starts and sudden drifting off again….or maybe answer does build on answer, the big picture, more and more in focus and understanding…

No end of teachers
no end of wisdom
the best are the ones who point within
i’m writing down lines
feeling so fine…
working it out

younger in years
yet older in expression
are teaching me to raise myself
raze myself and fix my sights
waking me
and showing me a mirror
it’s clearer
the dreamer is waking
and this time no snooze button in sight

images felt not reasoned
they vibrate and heal within
light shining enlivening being
I see one here

The Law of One…Every being exists as a manifestation of one greater multi-dimensional consciousness..Nothing exists that is not a divine manifestation…

taking off yet feeling the tethers of my past still pushing past
knowing i have already left
no longer bereft heading for my home in the stars
fueled by the love of the One for all the One that’s travelling
i fly upon my spirit heart’s wings

How do you explain colour to someone who insists there is only black & white?
Knowing that there is colour, how do you open yourself up to perceive them?
How do you draw a map to a place that he can’t admit exists.
I heard the song of angels but

I have been up there but time is not linear so occasionally we interact out of chronsync with each other. My future can interact with his or her past and. Present or vice versa. What is most necessary for either the planet’s growth or our growth

So much of my irritation comes from guilt or resentment. How can I look at it before I manifest it.

I am so loved and feel that love for others. Being still in the contemplation of loved ones and feeling that love is healing for all

Come from that place of love.
My 5d 6d self is with me always

Sharing of yourself is sacred sharing. The more you share, the more remains…

The way to see colours mentioned by friends:
a) one colour at a time
b) Using the imagination- behave as if the colours are real “before you actually see them”
c) hanging out with people who see the colours
d) having the willingness to open oneself to the experience
To those I would add-finding and increasing the connection to one’s source… The source that I am a manifestation of…

“Oh no, Gary’s off again” Well maybe or maybe lots of things I know have been coming together definitely in new ways…
and as always I hold in mind “Everything in this book may be wrong”
It is not possible in our three dimensional physical bodies to be able to fully apprehend the universe….so every statement of belief immediately becomes if not wrong, only a partial understanding…
tho there seems to be a built in assumption there that we are limited to three dimensions? Are we? Scientists haven’t believed that one in years….So then how many dimensions does it take until we can apprehend truth? How many do we have? 😉 At the level that we do, does the map become the territory as that divine manifestation within us becomes one with source?
I love exploring these questions. I have my entire life. Have found some of the most interesting answers…and perhaps have learned a thing or two along the way. Lately I have felt love and joy…more often than not which has been fairly incredible..Love for my fellow manifestations of source and joy at feeling my own connection
Oh some of the rougher emotional weather also. I still snap at people when i get tired and frustrated…still can feel sad or anger but I have described and felt emotions as internal weather patterns for awhile now…I accept that they will come through… I watch them pass and feel what i feel and I seek to understand the cause..
Anyway the hour grows late and I have subjected you to enough ramblings…
I do love you all. Namaste, En L’Kesh…


Semantics–Reaching An Understanding

Semantics is the study of meanings of words. From what I’ve noticed, quite often even tho we believe we’re speaking the same language, we seem to be making the same sounds but for each of us, the meanings can differ hugely.
easy words this applies to:
Light, Dark, Conservative, Democrat, Liberal, God, the Devil, justice, work, job, mission,
I could go on and on…
it seems to me that so much of the conflicts between either individuals or groups of people tends to be the mistaken belief that the other person’s meanings are the same as ours…
Can we forge agreements? Beforehand, say for me this word means this, what does it mean for you?i believe that short of full telepathic conversation,This may be the only way for communication to have a hope of working =)
or perhaps asking as we go along, when you use this word, what do you mean?
because expecting agreement to last or remembering that this is what we agreed on can be difficult… sometimes we almost need to have person to person dictionaries in our head.. then once body language and expression is thrown in……

Most often, I delight in the fact that communication happens at all

What it keeps boiling down to for me is that working to understand another’s heart takes me further than working to understand their words

Alice Never Checked Out her Options

instrumental instrument
letting the notes flow thru
with as little distortion as possible
becoming the tune
the song the sound
pure tone
seeking the highest vibration
and sending it outwards
so others can feel it too
what symphonies may play
ascension melodies
lines to inspire
igniting the fire
the flame grows brighter
my spirit lighter
heading for the home
unseen for long but heartfelt

©2011 G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – February 6 2011

“Nothing in the world is more flexible and yielding than water. Yet when it attacks the firm and the strong, none can withstand it, because they have no way to change it. So the flexible overcome the adamant, the yielding overcome the forceful. Everyone knows this, but no one can do it.”

–Lao Tsu

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Aquatic by G A Rosenberg