Clearing Out the Communication Room

Today I found myself in an interesting conversation on the E.T. Disclosure Now! group on FB. In it, I found myself expressing some ideas in a fairly clear way so I thought I’d share it…Someone had asked about how to ‘keep up’ and do spiritual work on themselves. The fact that they were asking the question was an indication that they were doing work on themselves and that when it comes to self-development (or anything else for that matter), intention is 90% of it. Learning to listen to ourselves and opening our hearts count for several more steps in the process.

The first step to listening to ourselves or anyone else is to be silent. Nothing can get in the way of listening more than talking over yourself. Another step, forgiving yourself ahead of time for anything you might hear and your reaction to it. We all have a lot of garbage in the communication room to clean out. Some of it is stuff we’ve kept piling up because we’re afraid to look at it most of it is no worse than anyone else’s, we just fear it is because it’s ours. Bringing it into the open and being willing to look at it, telling the tale even to yourself is a big part. Nothing is as big as the secrets we keep.
Once they are known they shrink.

Once we look at some of what we have been carrying around, we can let them go by accepting them the way we would accept a confession of past wrongs by an old friend with acceptance, forgiveness and love. A lot of the garbage we carry around inside of us may be our responsibility but is not our fault. Once we can forgive ourselves for carrying it then we can forgive others for what they might have done or what we perceived they did. Once we have cleared out the nonsense in the communication room, then we can listen to others and ourselves easier. There is very little we dont already know if we but listen.

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