Stray Verse and Thoughts

do you mean what i mean?
abused, used and yet we choose
Media lies
twisting and turning
those who listen
selling fear
to those we hold dear
controlling extolling
only see what’s in front of you
pay no attention to the
man behind the curtain
certain we’ll listen
more and more we do
not to them they’re through
but to ourselves
go within

In order for communication to work between two beings, it helps if they first have an agreed upon common language. It amazes me how often two people use the same words and have vastly different meanings for them. At the very least, this tends to cause confusion, at worst, anger and arguments when both were just misunderstanding the other’s intention.

Words and terms I’d just as soon loose

Should, must, should not, must not — especially in context of telling people what to believe or how to practice. especially in a spiritual context. There maybe one truth but everyone has their own (partial) conception of it and their own path of knowing…implying that you know what may be right for another with that level of certainty implies to me a level of ego of control–yeah we all have that yet I have always preferred teachers (and i have the conceit that every being i meet is my teacher tho with some I am a better student than with others) who suggest paths that are better

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