Camp Fire Musings Redux

Sitting in front of the elements, even surrounded by them makes one naturally introspective-processing life with the intensity of a twelve-year old individualizing wanting to know why why the universe doesn’t work the way our parents told us it does-at least not our universe.-seeking the wisdom to be able to hold more than one reality tunnel at a time. So many paths to the truth. And yet so many feel the need to judge another’s path or elements of it.
Om Namah Shivaya. Shri Kali Ma. Our father who art in heaven. Live in truth. Walk in beauty: In Lak’ech Ala K’in.
Hare Krisna. Love, Light Blessings. Amazing words. Do they loose their meaning by repetition ? Or do we imbue them with meaning by how much we feel them, mean them, live them
Vibrating words and sounds. Sounds have meaning and affect consciousness– we, the sounds, light, colour -all energy– let’s vibrate towards a higher being, matching that of love / Prem . I ramble on but then I always have-perhaps when I run out of words I will find Whittier, peace. The fire crackles. What would I like to burn Away? Consume from my being? The water fills in renews all gaps. I feel gratitude and blessed


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