Quote of the Day- September 6 2011 , Wonderings and Wanderings

“Sometimes you have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down.”
–Kobi Yamada

Light in the darkest of moments
shadows falling in the brightest light
and a sprit that transcends both
and yet contains all within

Can life be lived as meditation
living most moments in a mindful way
or must i be caught up in the storm
tossed about reacting
while part of me stays aloof

feeling myself reach new insights
heights? perhaps, tho depth is added as well
new understand for sure
but with it old emotional storms to clear
no longer feeling the need to indulge in
depression or despair
but still when the emotional weather takes a dark turn
watching it pass can be tricky
— G A Rosenberg

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Wandering by G A Rosenberg

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