Quote of the Day – October 25 2011

“One never reaches home, but wherever friendly paths intersect the whole world looks like home for a time.”
–Hermann Hesse

Funny, I found this quote after contemplating the state of home this evening. For I had come to the conclusion that for all my time searching for home, that I have my home and truly I never left. I’ve just never took ownership before… My home travels with me.. On this level i may describe my physical vehicle as my home. I can never be homeless so there may come a day when I need a place to stay. Indeed I can jump down countless rabbit holes and never again have to worry about finding my way home for here I exist. If I go with what Hesse says, than I may be deluding myself, i may only have this sense of being home because of the friendly paths I have intersected with of late.And indeed, between family, online and my relationship with the universe , the paths have been wonderful, lots of love and good feeling in my existence right now and it feels like home. Namaste.

Another rabbit hole beckons
time to jump in..
strange tho,
in the past jumping down a rabbit hole
started a journey that ended with a return home
after a long search
now that home exists within and without
a matter of realization not  distance
there is no returning
I simply am…
–g a rosenberg

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Jewel by G A Rosenberg

Turquoise by G A Rosenberg

Raised Tree Expanding by G A Rosenberg

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