Quote of the Day – November 16 2011

“Call it… joy. The thing like pleasure that you feel when you’ve done a good thing or passed up a real tempting chance to do a bad thing. Or when the unfolding of the universe just seems especially apt. It’s nowhere near as flashy and intense as pleasure can be. Believe me! But it’s got something going for it. Something that can make you do without pleasure, or even accept a lot of pain, to get it.”

–Spider Robinson

Thinking about all the times I went for the quick fixes of pleasure and / or comfort only because I believed that I didn’t deserve joy. Little did I know that joy was my earned birthright. You earn it by opening yourself up to feeling it.

Joy doesn’t mean you don’t see the world and its troubles, Joy does give you the awareness to know that you can handle them and that ultimately you CAN do what needs to be done..



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Witness by G A Rosenberg

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