Quote of the Day – February 14 2012

“That’s the right way to get telepathic:
walking on eggshells, with the awareness that a mistake could put a knot on your own skull. It’s dark in there. So what ends up happening half the time is, people with sensitive areas they don’t want to talk about get so tired of watching people back away from them on eggshells that they say the hell with it, and cut loose of whatever hangup it was. The other half of the time, at least nobody ends up feeling violated.”
–Spider Robinson

In another quote that unfortunately I couldn’t find tonight, Spider suggests that the way to become telepathic is first to shovel all the shit out of the communication room and then crank empathy up as far as it can go. I can understand some fear arising for people at the thought of becoming telepathic of having your minds and hearts open books that anyone can read. Would it shake up relationships, business practices, ways of life, yeah but each of us would also shed a whole bunch of coiled up anxiety all at once. Not only would we be saying we love each other, we’d be meaning it. I don’t believe it is possible to hate a person once you’ve been inside their heads and their hearts. Seems to me a whole lot of forgiveness would be happening. I see a lot of self-forgiveness happening to. Little by little I’ve been working hard at making my head a nice place to hang out in. After all I’m hoping for guests one day. You’re all invited. 🙂 Love, G

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Strange Night by Gary A Rosenberg

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