Quote of the Day – February 16 2012

““Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”
Berthold Auerbach

When it comes to music, I could just write a page of quotes. Harry Chapin might have said it best- “Music’s been my greatest friend my fiercest foe. Music can take me so high or it can send me so low”. Music has been there for me even at times when I wasn’t. I define different periods in my life by what i was listening to. My high school years getting into complicated lyrics, ELP, Genesis and Led Zeppelin. Then my first exposure to Bob Marley, The Police and The Clash followed by just about anything and everything at one time or another. Singing folk music while walking in between rides made long days of hitchhiking easier. The Answer my friend is blowing in the wind but i don’t want to work on Maggie’s farm no more cause I am a Rock I am an island girl, sure do shine glad I found you glad you’re mine.
Music doesn’t need words and sometimes the right music can replace words, lifts my spirt, lifts my soul. These days I listen to lots of trance and classical tho the old favourites still find their way onto my play list. Music helps me transform my emotions. I find it impossible to stay sad through certain songs. Music helped get my son to sleep (still does at times) and helps me to wake up. Yes. It helps me to wake up in more ways than one. 🙂

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Riddling by G A Rosenberg

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