Quote of the Day – February 17 2012

“You can’t manage to avoid your own true nature forever. It’s a wonder anybody manages it at all.”
— Jed McKenna

Yet we try. I spent so many years playing peak-a-boo with my true nature, adopting personas at the drop of a hat and wearing them until they disintegrated and all the ways they weren’t me just fell away like rags. I then realized that part of my true nature is someone who adopts personas to see how well they fit getting clues from each one. Going even deeper, I seem to be the one who believes that part of my true nature is someone and so on and so on. All this time, I’ve spent searching for the real instead of being while actually being it all the time because you can’t avoid it. Know what? It’s a lot easier not trying.
Blessings, G

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A Universe Lives Inside A Flower by G A Rosenberg

Empressed by G A Rosenberg

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