Quote of the Day February 19 2012

” All people are born potentially telepathic—but that if we’re ever going to get any message-traffic capacity, we must first shovel the shit out of the Communications Room.”
— Spider Robinson

An interesting thread came up today in a couple of FB groups I was in. Something a friend had posted reminded me of a story by Spider Robinson that I read.

“I know, son, I know. The Second Commandment of Leary: ‘Thou shalt not alter thy brother’s consciousness without his consent.’ So how about retroactive consent?”

“Say again.”

“The aftereffects. I’ve administered the drug to blind volunteers. They knew only that they were sampling a new psychedelic of unknown effect. In each case I gave a preliminary ‘attitude survey’ questionnaire with a few buried questions. In fourteen cases I satisfied myself that the subject would probably not have taken the drug if he or she had known its effect. In about three-quarters of them I damn well knew it. The effects were the same for all but one. All fourteen of them experienced major life upheaval—usually irreversible and quite against their will—while under the effects of the drug. They all became violently angry at me after they came down. Then all fourteen stormed off to try and put their lives back together. Thirteen of them were back within a week, asking me to lay another hit on them.”

Zack’s eyes widened. “Addictive on a single hit. Jesus.”

“No, no!” George said exasperatedly. “It’s not the drug that’s addictive, dammit. It’s the truth that’s addictive. Every one of those people came back for, like, three-four hits, and then they stopped coming by. I checked up on the ones I was in a position to. They had just simply rearranged their lives on solid principles of truth and honesty and begun to live that way all the time. They didn’t need the drug anymore. Every damn one of them thanked me. One of them fucked me, sweetly and lovingly—at my age.”

– From “Satan’s Children” by Spider Robinson.

Something I heard a while back;

A few years ago, a friend of mine asked me the question “If you could have two wishes granted by an all-powerful, all good, all knowing genie, what would they be?”

I thought for a few seconds and then answered “I don’t need two wishes. I only need one.”

My friend argued with me briefly that, based on a complex logical analysis, I really did need two wishes, the first of which was to set up the conditions for the second one.

I repeated, “I don’t need two wishes. I only need one.”

He replied, “Okay, what is it?”

“I would wish for what is best.”

He continued to try to find reasons why his analysis was superior to mine. To each of these I replied “Would the results of your wish be better than the results of mine?”

“Yes. And here’s why…”

I patiently explained that the results of his wish could not possibly be better than mine, because I wished only for what was best. By definition, nothing could be better than what is best.

He countered that with “But what if what is best isn’t what is best for me?”

That was a little bit more difficult than the original question of what to wish for in the first place, but I shortly realized the answer wasn’t much more complicated: “Then you should change so that what is best is best for you.”

I believe this is within the reach of each of us, and if we accept the challenge, the world will be a different and better place.
From Vajrah Krishna, Possibility Magazine:

The story and the quote have been circling around inside. I reread the story and it occurred to me that what the first person asked for was not HIS best but THE best, an objective utopia if you please.
When his friend asks what if the objective best is not his personal best, he is told to change to that objective standard.

When I realized that various debates started to take place in my head all about the sovereignty of the individual vs the collective will etc (all the usual suspects) when it occurred to me that that argument in this case is without substance. Oh it would be true, if it was one person or a group of being’s view of what was best or even if it was the genii’s idea of what was best but that is not what the wish was, it was what was Best. Objective.
Then I started wondering what that objective best would look like. What qualities would people have, what would the basis of the society be (more specifically than just those two words)

Then I remembered the story Satan’s Children by Spider Robinson and I thought he was onto something. At the very least THE best of all Possible worlds would be one where honesty reigned not only between people but self-honesty (total).
Could poverty or inequality happen in a world where honesty reigned? Not that I could see. With honesty comes justice.

With honesty also to my mind comes empathy. From my experience, empathy is a natural element of the human psyche and it takes a lot of self-talk and interference to turn it off. (school systems and commercial TV have worked years on it)
Along with empathy, let’s add other elements that seem to be repressed by most modern societies. Curiosity and Spirituality among them

What do you think?
Blessings, G

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Cosmic Mandala by G A Rosenberg

Eye of The Storm

Quote of the Day – February 18 2012

““We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”
–May Sarton

After watching yet another discussion in a Face Book group that started as a difference of opinion and degenerated unilaterally to name calling and hurt feelings (oddly enough on the part of the person doing the name calling I posted a question that’s been on my mind for awhile.
Why is it easier to attack someone who disagrees with you rather than looking at what they say and either make a case for your viewpoint or perhaps be willing to consider a new one? How do we change this in ourselves? It puzzles me how people can identify so strongly with their belief that an attack on the belief is equated in their minds to an attack on them and rather than respond to the opposing thought they respond to the person usually with accusations and name calling. “you’re being hurtful, you’re being judgemental” No he just disagrees.
I am not saying that everybody should be tolerant of opposing opinions. If you search your heart and you disagree with something, then state it, state why you disagree but do it like an adult. It is the viewpoints that are in opposition not the people. Who knows if I try to debate the idea and not the person I may turn out to be wrong. I may even learn and grow from it. My thinking may evolve. Whereas if i debate the person and feel hurt that they disagree and insult them I only paint myself as a jerk.

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Heart’s Tale by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – February 17 2012

“You can’t manage to avoid your own true nature forever. It’s a wonder anybody manages it at all.”
— Jed McKenna

Yet we try. I spent so many years playing peak-a-boo with my true nature, adopting personas at the drop of a hat and wearing them until they disintegrated and all the ways they weren’t me just fell away like rags. I then realized that part of my true nature is someone who adopts personas to see how well they fit getting clues from each one. Going even deeper, I seem to be the one who believes that part of my true nature is someone and so on and so on. All this time, I’ve spent searching for the real instead of being while actually being it all the time because you can’t avoid it. Know what? It’s a lot easier not trying.
Blessings, G

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A Universe Lives Inside A Flower by G A Rosenberg

Empressed by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – February 16 2012

““Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”
Berthold Auerbach

When it comes to music, I could just write a page of quotes. Harry Chapin might have said it best- “Music’s been my greatest friend my fiercest foe. Music can take me so high or it can send me so low”. Music has been there for me even at times when I wasn’t. I define different periods in my life by what i was listening to. My high school years getting into complicated lyrics, ELP, Genesis and Led Zeppelin. Then my first exposure to Bob Marley, The Police and The Clash followed by just about anything and everything at one time or another. Singing folk music while walking in between rides made long days of hitchhiking easier. The Answer my friend is blowing in the wind but i don’t want to work on Maggie’s farm no more cause I am a Rock I am an island girl, sure do shine glad I found you glad you’re mine.
Music doesn’t need words and sometimes the right music can replace words, lifts my spirt, lifts my soul. These days I listen to lots of trance and classical tho the old favourites still find their way onto my play list. Music helps me transform my emotions. I find it impossible to stay sad through certain songs. Music helped get my son to sleep (still does at times) and helps me to wake up. Yes. It helps me to wake up in more ways than one. 🙂

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Riddling by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – February 15 2012

“The words shared don’t matter as much as the vibration they come from.
-Elina St-Onge

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Flashing Mandala by G A Rosenberg

The words don’t matter and yet we speak. Why? Do we wish to express or share something of our being? I believe most often we do. If what I share really comes from me and it reflects a sincere feeling or thought than no matter how I word it people will understand. If I share something that does not truly reflect my being people will also sense this no matter what I say. I’ve done this, I’d like to think I do it a lot less now but there has definitely been times I shared what I wanted people to believe I thought rather than something that reflected the truth of my being. It can be so hard to be yourself when you don’t know who you are. Why am I so afraid of not knowing? One of my favourite aphorisms has been that the most honest answer to most questions that people hear is “I don’t know” Those words can be daunting. Most days I don’t believe that absolute truth is fully knowable on this plane of existence and yet saying those words ‘I don’t know’ one of the most honest statements one can make becomes an internalized taboo. Why? I have some guesses but the reality is I don’t know. Becoming ok with that has been part of my journey for awhile now.
When I say that many answers cannot be FULLY known on this level, I am not saying in any way shape or form that we should give up asking these question as by the asking we grow closer to understanding and by exploring crucial questions of our being, I believe we contribute greatly to our becoming. Much Love, G

Congratulations to Peter Leonard for winning February’s Art contest. I hope to have a new contest at the end of March

Quote of the Day – February 14 2012

“That’s the right way to get telepathic:
walking on eggshells, with the awareness that a mistake could put a knot on your own skull. It’s dark in there. So what ends up happening half the time is, people with sensitive areas they don’t want to talk about get so tired of watching people back away from them on eggshells that they say the hell with it, and cut loose of whatever hangup it was. The other half of the time, at least nobody ends up feeling violated.”
–Spider Robinson

In another quote that unfortunately I couldn’t find tonight, Spider suggests that the way to become telepathic is first to shovel all the shit out of the communication room and then crank empathy up as far as it can go. I can understand some fear arising for people at the thought of becoming telepathic of having your minds and hearts open books that anyone can read. Would it shake up relationships, business practices, ways of life, yeah but each of us would also shed a whole bunch of coiled up anxiety all at once. Not only would we be saying we love each other, we’d be meaning it. I don’t believe it is possible to hate a person once you’ve been inside their heads and their hearts. Seems to me a whole lot of forgiveness would be happening. I see a lot of self-forgiveness happening to. Little by little I’ve been working hard at making my head a nice place to hang out in. After all I’m hoping for guests one day. You’re all invited. 🙂 Love, G

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Strange Night by Gary A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – February 13 2012

“Perspective – Use It or Lose It. If you turned to this page, you’re forgetting that what is going on around you is not reality.
Think about that.”
–Richard Bach


A while back I got into a conversation with my friend Rob. He was having some problems and obviously wanted to discuss them. Like many of us, Rob tends to have a dramatic streak. I think it might be useful to share the conversation as I found that what i told him was inspired (i actually felt the light bulb come on in my head) and gives some much needed perspective:

Rob: My life sucks
Me: What do you mean?
Rob: I can’t get a job. My parents want me out of the house..
Me: that’s rough
Rob: I don’t have a girl I’m SICK of feeling alone. I can’t concentrate when i meditate
Me: Are you just letting what comes out comes out?
Rob: Whatever man. I just want to kill myself. I’m not just saying it either. I’m going to
Me: (Somewhat at a loss) Have you tried talking to anybody?
Rob: Like who? Shrinks are just going to want to medicate me. My friends don’t take anything seriously. Just some people here to talk to. It’s not worth it. I’m just gonna do it. You can read about it in the paper or online tomorrow

At this point I was flailing a bit mentally trying to come up with the right thing to say.
Finally I had a flash

Me: Ok Rob, so you want to do this. To some extent, I believe that people have the right to end if if they want to but before you do I have one question. Do you believe in reincarnation?

Rob: uh..yeah
Me: Have you ever stopped to consider that this might be one of your easier lives and that your next one may be even more challenging?
Long pause
Rob: Fuck you.

Long pause
Rob: 🙂

After that the conversation got a lot lighter and we were able to bounce possible non-lethal solutions to his problem off of each other.


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Gazing on the Infinite by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – February 12 2012

“Nothing, not even a Utopia, can necessarily make the pursuit of happiness a successful one that ends in capture. The best society can merely allow every individual to flourish in the pursuit.”
–Daniel Nettle, Happiness: The Science Behind Your Smile

Stray thoughts on creating utopia:
relative utopia
everybody living according to their vision and helping others live up to theirs
perhaps then the key to forming utopia
is helping each person define their own definition of it
helping them realize that as they change the definition will change with them
and becoming ok with it
thus Utopia is evolutionary and evolving
Utopia is a touch stone
so much of it is subjective
to help someone have just a moment of their utopian vision
one moment to let them know its possible
and the ability to see where they are standing in their own way to realize it
Corruption comes in most often when one or a group start insisting that their view of utopia is the only right one
or when greed fear or anxiety kicks in and finds space to flourish in….
How would you go about building a utopia.

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Connections by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – February 11 2012

“every sensation
every image
everything we think is lifeless
talks to us silently
with our lips or tongue
relating to us our joys and sorrows
informing us
trying to awaken us”

If we but listen, the sounds in a single moment can bring enlightenment and the silence between the moments bring wisdom. I’ve long believed that if we understand someone’s myths and stories we have come a long way towards understanding that person. This past few years of awakening seem to be a lot about what stories do i choose and its not a much up for grabs as i thought. Almost all of my major stories I’ve talked about on the blog.
I) The five blind men and the elephant
II) Br’er Rabbit and the tar Baby
III) Illusions by Richard Bach
IV) The Life of Emperor Norton
V) The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

There are many others in there that I could add…that illustrate parts of my life, Casteneda, Kerourac, Paulo Coelho (I loved The Alchemist and it resonated for me), Corwin of Amber, Crowley, Blavatsky, so many others. Books and words, Words and Story, Story and Music and silence. For if I don’t take these moments of silence, then how can I continue to hear?
Namaste, G

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Field of Flowers by G A Rosenberg

Snowflake Mandala by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – February 10 2012

“I like happiness as much as the next guy, but it’s not happiness that sends one in search of truth. It’s rabid, feverish, clawing madness to stop being a lie, regardless of price, come heaven or hell. This isn’t about higher consciousness or self-discovery or heaven on earth. This is about blood-caked swords and Buddha’s rotting head and self-immolation, and anyone who says otherwise is selling something they don’t have.” – Jed McKenna, Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing,

Thanks to vajra krishna for the quote

I read this quote today and it blew me away. It sums up so well my thoughts about authenticity that have been circling my psyche for the last year. What does it mean to be authentic? How can I allow myself to be vulnerable and expose myself warts and all in truth without fear of what anyone (especially those whom I love) might think. Indeed how can I not? Today I realized how much fear I have about being open. Not fear of being hurt, that’s never been a motivator for me but fear of discomfort. I fear being exposed to other people’s disapproval and having to justify my feelings and not knowing whether I can. For the past few years I’ve been helping people face their fears while tucking mine under the carpet. All I can say is I’m working on it. I hope in the next few weeks to share deeper and more interestingly in this blog and start showing not only who I am but how I feel about things and my ever forming beliefs as I circle around truth.
If this is not to your taste, the pretty pictures will still be here. Namaste, G

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Eye Mandala by G A Rosenberg

One Day All This Will Be Yours by G A Rosenberg