Quote of the Day – March 17 2012

“The disciple is not hankering for knowledge; he wants to see, not to know. He wants to be. He is no longer interested in having more knowledge; he wants to have more being.”

When I was younger and reading everything in sight, I wanted to know as much as possible. “Fill me up” The subject matter did not matter. All I wanted was more knowledge. Then as I entered young adulthood I began to realize the futility of that ambition. Our knowledge was always opening up further and there will always be more to know.
At that point my questions became deeper. I wanted to understand. I wanted to understand our purpose for being. I wanted to understand how such suffering can exist in this world and what I could to stop it and why only some people seemed to suffer? I wanted to understand other people as I understood myself. I wanted to understand how I came to be, how others came to be and why we all feel so isolated when we are part of the same thing? I wanted to understand the heart of another being. So many things i wanted to understand. Even when I thought that i had left the path i kept on it, still struggling to understand.
These days once again changing my intentions. Knowledge is awesome. Understanding is bliss. What I want more than anything else these days is to be. I wish to be myself in full potential. I wish to shine forth the divine spirit from within myself and inspire others to do the same. I wish to remove all the nonsense that blocks me from being myself and I wish to be in full alignment with the highest truth and the greatest good.
Blessings, G

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Purple Cloud Lattice Mandala by G A Rosenberg

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