Quote of the Day – April 6 2012

“Consciousness is the place of worship. Consciousness is the sacred text. Consciousness is the way. Consciousness is the place of sacrifice. Consciousness is the fire. Consciousness is the place of ritual union. Consciousness is the place of samadhi. Consciousness is the Awakening. Consciousness is the dwelling place of the gods. Consciousness is time. Consciousness is space. Consciousness is the jar, the vessel out of which flows the divine.”
— Daniel Odier, Tantric Quest

Recently I have started reading Tantric Quest by Daniel Odier, an account of one man’s study of Tantra with a female yogi in the Himalayans. It is a fantastic recounting of an amazing story that I recommend highly. I may have a few more quotes from it before I am done. I always find it instructive to read of the paths of others and the relationship between a spiritual teacher and a student has always been fascinating to me.


Three more days to vote in this months contest. Let me know your favourite picture in the 2012 art gallery and you may win it.


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Observing the Shadows of Love by G A Rosenberg

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