Quote of the Day – April 24 2012

“Late, by myself, in the
boat of myself,
No light and no land
cloudcover thick.
I try to stay
just above the surface.

Yet I’m already under and living within
The Ocean”

Another night floating bobbing up and down along the consciousness stream, thinking of dogs to home and kids in need and of how great my meditation time was today. Time without thought, focusing on breath and sensation not thinking tho occasionally the thoughts come what system would work best for all? Why do we spend so much time pursuing happiness that we forget to enjoy the moment? floating breathing down deep and back up connecting to the mother below and the sky above and i am back to a conversation about art and blank pages and in breath, feel it expand and slowly out breath and once again the rhythm start, the calm returns and sun feels Β nice on my eyelids and in breath and tuning into the feelings, a moment of sadness let myself feel it so it passes and out breath…You know how it goes.


By the way what do you think about the new theme for the blog?

Blessings, G.

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Knight’s Vigil in the Four Elements by G A Rosenberg

6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – April 24 2012”

  1. New format theme huh. I like it. I especially like the picture at the top of your page here. Roping in wonder comes to mind when I contemplate it a moment.

    DEEP Rumi Awe.

    On your thoughts today I remembered what a wise guide has said to me many times. That we traffic in Desire. That having the Feeling of Desire is what keeps us seeking, instead of being, in the moment, as you say here. Although it took me some time, and I can’t always dive deep enough to grasp it fully, I know today just how true it is for me.

  2. Thanks. Little by little perhaps I improve at being in the moment. Thanks for commenting and for being. Namaste.

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