5 thoughts on “Tarot Card – Six of Pentacles with Haiku”

    1. So glad you like it–the two symbols on the top left and right are the moon and taurus.. Moon in taurus is the astrological correspondent to this card according to Crowley and others..Among other meanings of this card is that of ‘giving back’ or balancing out what has been given to you by giving to others (thus the idea of the scales… (with the 3 pentacles on each side).
      What i like about the Moon in Taurus aspect is it adds an emotional generosity to the idea of balancing.

      1. Thanks for your feedback – learnt quite a bit just there! Have you done the entire pack and if so where can I buy a set?

        1. I’ve just done 34 of the cards so far with a few of them having to be redone. Last night I posted my version of the Hanged Man =)
          At this point no plans for publishing them as a deck tho once they are all finished who knows? 🙂
          You’ve made my day

  1. Whoops! Just found your tab to your tarot link – so that answers my questions! Look forward to viewing them!!!

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