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    1. Interesting, especially given that one of the trickster deities is the Santeria Eshu who has an association with the areas behind doorways (and the base of trees)

      Thanks for commenting

      1. ..I didn’t know that. (DIS!!!) I looked it up, though. (notorious fact checker) It says Eleggua is stood near the front door to ward off evil. It says Eshu is a psychopomp, which is like a sparrow. Sparrows foreshadow death, and Eshu escorts the dead. hm.

        1. It is my understanding that Eleggua is an aspect of Eshu. One of his gentler aspects… Both tend to be trickster figures… and crossroad deities… (that escorting of the dead you mention… It is also not a coincidence that the name Eshu and the name of the Hindu deity Ganesh are so similar (Ganesh is also a barrier (crossroads deity)… If I had been feeling more whimsical the day i did this picture i might have put in Loki’s helmet as well 🙂 Syncretism is fun 🙂

      2. Well, like I said, I didn’t even know. *crosses arms*. I only read a little bit. It’s hardly combining religious beliefs if I didn’t know about it. *crosses arms again* dis. 🙂 I liked the picture and the quote. 🙂 …and learning new stuff.

    1. Indeed, I’ve always loved and related to tricksters especially how most of them have a talent for tricking themselves =)
      Blessings, G

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