Six of Swords – Redux

The Ferryman

Mute, I watch your arrival
You climb onto my boat
unsure as you press this coin into my hand
You may smile or give a small laugh
but that stops when you notice
my eyes and my silence.


We start off
You seem surprised by the number of
rocks and debris in the water
You wonder about safety.
Oh Dear one
I know the way
as only one who has scraped
his bow on every single obstacle can
After awhile you start to know the signs
the childhood baggage, the failed marriages
Every time you denied the spark
in yourself (or in others)
they’re all here
and like I said
I know the way thoroughly


Though each route is different
I have known much the same
the odd twists and turns that obsession
and self-importance can place in one’s path
Intuition guides me through
the straits of old frustration
and intellect tells me
how deep they go.


You leave the boat
relieved of coin and burden
ready to survey your new landscape.
I push off.
You turn back to ask what they all do
but I am gone
Sailing. Home..
— G A Rosenberg



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Six of Swords by G A Roseberg

10 thoughts on “Six of Swords – Redux”

  1. Yes, me too…. I used to write poetry, many years ago…. I’m loving re-discovering it…!
    I must look to see if I have something worth posting…!! You’ve inspired me… 😉

    1. I hope so. For me for years,a poem every now and then was my main means of self-expression. It still seems to be the best outlet for certain thoughts and emotions….
      Thank you

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