Quote of the Day – July 18 2012

“What matters most is how well you walk through the fire”
― Charles Bukowski


I have two pictures in my mind with this quote. One is of people who have not only survived the types of trauma that most of us have to undergo at one time or another in our lives. Tho our trials may differ in nature they have similar intensity. My other image is of fire walkers who walk on burning coals without getting harmed because they know they can do it. Could you imagine how much easier your fires would have been to walk through if you knew ahead of time you could do it? I feel totally in awe of what some people I know have survived. Some of them have been broken by trauma and others have been made magnificent.
Blessings, G


Maggie Drawn by G A Rosenberg


Neon Rose by G A Rosenberg

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – July 18 2012”

  1. Love Maggie. Big smile. Yes, I often wonder about that. Why some are broken and some become more who they were born to be following trauma. At the risk of sounding somewhat cold here I wonder if it is, in part, about ignorance. A lack of understanding of a bigger bigger picture. Less “judgement” about why the trauma happened. As I mine my story from a place of curiosity rather that THE ALMIGHTY VICTIM, even though to tell it like it was, shows clearly that at times, I most certainly was, I am able to see how what happened was indeed, exactly what needed to happen for me to be the me I am today. And I like this me. Very much in fact.

    1. Fantastic and so true. Pema Chodren talks a lot about curiosity healthily replacing anger and fear and it truly works. Thank you 🙂

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