Quote of the Day – August 10 2012

“The imagination is the goal of history. I see culture as an effort to literally realize our collective dreams.”
― Terence McKenna

Activating the imagination…allowing people in my head on the monitor to flip through, like Alice knowing that you are all a deck of cards tho I include myself in that and the cards are tarot…combining possibilities and potentialities in archetypal memories…I was asked whether I am in an altered state when I create my art. Answers both yes and know… yes, altered from when I do my day to day living, a bit more drifty and meditative, know in that none of it is externally chemically induced — at least not chemicals i’ve taken in recent memory…Do certain parts of the psyche stay activated once they are turned on ever after able to come aglow not always at desired times but you can’t always get what you want but life tends to give you what you need. Does that work even for those suffering? To be honest I have no idea tho I hope and pray so to the depth of my being. May all beings be freed from suffering as the saying goes especially that which we tend to inflict on ourselves.
Interesting night, A friend is doing a project with the tarot cards and asked me for my input and its like an archetypal mafia, every time i get out i get dragged back in but we do tend to carry our dream images around with us dont we? Containing multitudes but none of us see these multitudes exactly the same way. Excuse the consciousness stream tonight but I decided to let whatever wanted to escape through my fingers escape tonight. Tomorrow perhaps I’ll be back to cogency but tonight we swim in the stream but don’t worry I’ve brought life preservers for the unweary and I vow to leave no man nor woman behind =)
Blessings, G

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In a God-a de Vida by G A Rosenberg

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  1. One of my favorite teachers is Pema Chodron. I relate to her thoughts on pain and suffering. That it is life. That knowing the love that never dies only comes when you cease to try and escape, or evolve beyond humanity and all it’s suffering. I am most authentically in love when I am with those suffering. Sharing my suffering. When refuse to believe that when I’m suffering or in pain I am somehow doing something wrong. Or not spiritually fit. I have found that the pathway to peace is indeed pain. That my life can be full of joy and light inspite of that.

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