Quote of the Day – October 26 2012

“From now on I hope always to stay alert, to educate myself as best I can. But lacking this, in Future I will relaxedly turn back to my secret mind to see what it has observed when I thought I was sitting this one out. We never sit anything out.

We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out. ”
― Ray Bradbury


How many times I’ve played my life as if it was a hand of solitaire, I dealt the cards out knowing full well how they would come out and then played it just as I knew it was. I believe most of us do this in relationships that we get into because we need the lesson which I suppose accounts for almost every relationship in which we find ourselves. It’s almost a cliche to say that the end is written in the beginning yet there it is…the alchemy that draws us into each other’s orbit decides how we will mix, partake of each other’s qualities and then either blend or separate.
As I’ve said before, we exist in relationship not only with people but with things, situations and events as well and like those, we know if we are being true to ourselves that most are transitory and the way we leave may be found in its beginning. Not that I believe its all predestined. Many choose to stay in relationships or in situations well past their sell by date. This may be because of happiness but more often it is done by our sheer stubbornness to make things work. This can lead to ongoing frustration or sometimes astonishing wonderful breakthroughs both for ourselves and the ones we journey with. After all are we not constantly changing? If that is so, if I am a different person than the one who entered the relationship, is the end still inevitable? Perhaps this is the change that involves letting the ‘beautiful stuff’ out.
Blessings, G


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Remembering by G A Rosenberg


Staring at the Ceiling by G A Rosenberg

9 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – October 26 2012”

  1. when i last talked to my therapist we were talking about how some people are meant to be in your life for a season and some for lifetime. all of whom are there to teach us certain lessons. knowing who are who that may be out of our control. i definitely have experienced both. many seasons have entered my life and there are those who are definitely forever. whether you believe in reincarnation, i think manty of those who are in your ife now or in the past during this lifetime were from previous uncarnations, if you sense those people out in your life you will be able to feel who they are. i may not have told you but i do love your quotes of the day. always profound and makes one think deeply. it is hard to lay back and just let the beautiful shake out. i am too high on energy even when i am tired. j.k. have a good day. 🙄

    1. Bradbury was an amazing man, early in life he brought me to Mars and to the circus…. spoke of an innocent time in the future that had already passed… ::bittersweet future memories::

  2. Changing bodies and minds. I want to check out my finds.
    About myself, once again in detail from you my soulmate
    Do you still think I am the same or have I changed?
    Looking into my eyes, mind told my heart in whispers
    Don’t try to take my place, you are the heart ,I am the mind
    Time goes by, there is no rewind, we are growing old, thats fine
    But, listen my buddy, yes you all three
    Heart, Soul and Body..we have learned to cope with time
    We have learned well and kept well , and shined
    So, let’s be merry and no need to worry
    There is no hurry, your wife still makes good curry
    And you are married , working , have family to dine
    Blessed is your life, cheers ..would you? share some wine :))

  3. As always beautiful thoughts and images. Bradbury brought the gift of wonder into my life and one of those wonders is the transitory nature of relationships. As you say this is not only with people, although the relationships we have with nature and time often reflect our relationships with each other – as brief as day and night or as long as a whole year of seasons. Why do we expect a relationship with another to last forever when we accept that day follows night and winter follows summer?…

    1. Could it be the expectations we have of ourselves. We want to see ourselves as stalwart and reliable and we equate that with a steadfastness, me thinks, that keep us in situations much longer than may sometimes be good for us.. Just a thought

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