Quote of the Day – October 31 2012

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is – infinite.”
― William Blake


What a gift it would be to be able to see things that clearly. An even greater gift would be to be able to convey that infinite vision in such a way that everyone could see it too. Kind of like the late great jazz poet Lord Buckley’s poem about Jesus the Nazz  who ‘ had them pretty eyes.
He wanted everybody to see with pretty eyes and see how pretty it was.’ I used to believe my main quest  in life was understanding and now I realize that that is at best half of it. What good is understanding if you have no way to convey it, no way to use it to help people. It would be an empty insight indeed that stayed up locked up inside one man’s head. Therefore, I wish not only to have ‘pretty eyes’, the kind that sees beauty and finds understanding but I want to grant others the gift of pretty eyes as well.

Blessings, G


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Wildfire by G A Rosenberg



Golden Web by G A Rosenberg


Wildfire 2 by G A Rosenberg

10 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – October 31 2012”

  1. can you see, the sea
    that has waves and currents
    rides for free
    if you can see the sea
    come swim with me
    don’t drown in the sea
    learn to swim ,bend your knee
    move ahead and feel free
    you must see, me at the sea
    watching you ahead of me.

  2. your images certainly go a long way in granting the rest of us pretty eyes–this post was very thoughtful and I think your goal is one that should be pursued by all of us–not just gaining knowledge but sharing it – thank you

        1. Understanding throughly, drinking in, becoming one with

          see. Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein 🙂

    1. The question is as always, what are practical ways to make it happen…How do we grow ourselves and make it look so AWESOME that everyone will want to ? 🙂

  3. Only thing that blocks the liking is fear.. Fear that we have within us the things causing the friction… we condemn it in others first, crazy and childish but human and primal …
    Still so much to like, generally as a species we are wonderfully kind, as willing to try to make bridges as to condemn

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