Quote of the Day – November 1 2012

“She wasn’t afraid of difficulties; what frightened her was being forced to choose one particular path.
Choosing a path meant having to miss out on others. She had a whole life to live and she was always thinking that, in future, she might regret the choices she made now.
‘I’m afraid of committing myself,’ she thought to herself. She wanted to follow all possible paths and so ended up following none.
― Paulo Coelho, Brida


Wow…this one rings so true for so much of my life. The great illusion of choosing among paths and keeping my options open has controlled so many of my decisions. Recently tho I finally realized that whether I chose a path or not I have been on a path the whole time. And like any other path it has been made up of every step I’ve taken no matter what direction and that’s ok.. Where does that bring me? Well where does any path bring us.. from beginning to end and like any other path, its what I do along the way that matters.
Blessings, G


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Purple Tongue Mandala by G A Rosenberg
Eternity Emerging by G A Rosenberg

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  1. Search yourself, before you evaluate options, know yourself and listen to the inner voice, tiny and frail it maybe, but its your decision that must last. Life is a huge thing, I was talking about the chocolates displayed next to tarts. 🙂

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