Quote of the Day – November 13 2012

“If only everyone could know and live with their inner craziness. Would the world be a worse place for it? No, people would be fairer and happier.”
― Paulo Coelho


We try so hard to keep our inner lunatic down and tame. We fear what people may think if they were privy to our innermost thoughts and selves. Yet what percentage of the people that you know do you consider nuts or at least slightly off? From what I have seen, many people feel that way at one time or another about at least half of the people they know and probably at least half of the people they know believe it about them. What would your life be like if you never had to worry about what anyone including yourself thought about your mental health. What leaps would be possible for you? What insights and heights of creativity would you rise to?
Blessings, G



Channeling by G A Rosenberg


Double Helix Confluence by G A Rosenberg

8 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – November 13 2012”

  1. Can I be blind to myself, guess no
    Can be fake to my soul, hell no
    Can be me and yet me, uhu
    Can I be free but remain chained, no no
    So, when I am free, have sight and am myself,
    then all I need is courage to accept, as I am
    and work to build my potential, as I want
    no fear is greater , no dream so small
    If, I must live..its me or not at all

  2. I work as a volunteer with men and women who have mental health ‘problems’. The ground of interaction is a drop-in art studio. It’s true that many of the ‘members’ are able to create art in a ‘free’ way due to their child-like, uninhibited approach. I sometimes wish that I could abandon my super ego and immerse myself into my creativity as they do. At the same time I realize that these people also have enormous barriers to living a ‘normal’ everyday life. They have difficulty forming meaningful relationships, shopping for groceries or expressing themselves verbally. It is a romantic and wonderful notion to consider abandoning the norm but how many of us are willing to accept the inevitable consequences…

    1. Fantastic… What a rewarding and wonderful thing to do. One of my favourite jobs in the last several years was teaching computer skills to self-advocates with disabilities.. Knowing and interacting with all kinds of people with all ranges of being brings such a gift.

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