Return of Monday Mandalas


Still Chaotic Thoughts
Find the centre of design
Focus on my breath.


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Cthulic Maze
Cthulic Maze by G A Rosenberg


Mystic Compass
Mystic Compass by G A Rosenberg


Bronzite 3
Bronzite 3 by G A Rosenberg

0 thoughts on “Return of Monday Mandalas”

  1. They are all very pretty G.
    This coming Chinese Lunar New Year – after Feb 4 – the energy of the Water Snake year is quite volatile. Use more more metal and water energy.

    Metal energy:
    Any metallic objects, white and gray.

    Water energy:
    Blue (all kinds and shades of blue) and black or you can use the pic/photo of water. It could be good for your business online.

    Blessings and success for 2013.


    1. I will do Agnes… It seems this past year has been one of Fire and gems… Water does makes some nice effects as does Metal so come next month i shall of course as the spirit moves me… follow your guidance on this 🙂
      Blessings, G

  2. Sorry .. forgot to tell you that Feb 4 is the feng shui new year and Feb 10 is the Chinese Lunar New Year. In any case, it’s better to start on the Feb 4.

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