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This will be the first post of what will (hopefully) be a daily series on the tarot cards. I am retouching and refining all of my tarot pictures (In some cases I will and I wanted to do a write up on each card as well, along with poetry that I’ve done about each card….


Ace of Wands


I featured this card about six months ago but it is for me the best place to begin. Everything comes from a new inspiration, a new seed or spark. This spark catches and we find ourselves inspired. The Ace of Wands is that spark. Something new has begun and we start to have a glimmering of something new..


Ace of WandsAce of Wands by G A Rosenberg


The Dragon seed glows within me.
Inspiration from the dawn of time
Filling me with ideas and power
almost beyond my capacity to bear
I will take up the wand
and channel all that I receive
transmute and transmit
sending it outward
The fire rises within me
ever growing growing
until it spills forth
in creative ecstasy
Something new enters the world
In the distance, a star glows
– G A Rosenberg (2010)


Act of creation

The seed comes forth from spirit

Potential explodes


Wands in general deal with creativity and spiritual force. Aces deal with beginnings and seeds. Here is the inspiration that starts a new cycle of everything that is to come.  A new road has appeared. a spark of fire where there was only darkness.. Go for it… Let the spark ignite you spiritually and creatively and GO FOR IT!!!


When I talk about the meanings of any cards in a reading it is good to keep in mind that nothing exists in a vacuum and that the other cards in a spread can alter the meanings. The Ace of Wands  when it comes up upright is talking about a new start as it exists in potential. It is up to us to make use of the potential and to fan the spark into a flame…Take advantage of it…When there is a blockage to the energy (or the card appears reversed) then the spark can have died unfulfilled, a false beginning. Something is blocking you from taking advantage of the potential. The other cards in the spread may very well give you insight into what is blocking you

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