Tarot Post – Ace of Cups



Ace of Cups

Tarot – Ace of Cups (Revised) by G A Rosenberg


For too long my spirit  felt depleted
I didn’t know what was needed
Emptiness contained within me
Not so much emptiness as a polluted sea
run dry


Now out of nowhere, something new has appeared
this cup in front of me has washed away my fear
I feel reborn; love and creativity
has given me renewed vitality


The cup’s been offered

Drinking from it heals the heart

and renews the soul


The suit of cups in the tarot represent love and our emotional natures. How open are we to receiving that which is offered? What conditions do we place on love and how are we in relationship? The ace of cups (like the other aces) is a seed that contains within it all of the healing and renewal that love can bring. How ready for it are we? Can we drink deep from the cup offered or do we reject it either because we mistrust what is offered or we fear where this new road can lead. The Holy Grail in Arthurian legend healed the land until it was misused and taken for granted. How willing are we to be healed?

When the Ace of cups, shows up in a reading, it represents new love being offered. This can come from another or it can come from within. It often represents a new period of potential joy.When reversed, the Ace of cups indicates a blockage to this renewal. What is stopping us from accepting what is offered? What connection are we not allowing to happen?

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