Quote of the Day – January 21

“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.”
― Spencer Johnson


Is it possible to be honest without integrity? I try to speak the truth as far as I know it to the best of my ability but am I willing to go further on my own journey? Can I look at my blind spots so that I can be more honest and have more to share?
Is it possible to have integrity without honesty? Ah, the recipe for a good villain, one who knows what he is and gleefully follows through. Yet at the same time, he or she misses the point that we are all interconnected and to do something to another is usually a way of trashing part of ourselves so their integrity only reaches so far and they stop themselves from fully integrating with others. Now I don’t consider myself a villain (not sure many outside of fiction do) yet there are times when people I meet are so mired in illusion that to be honest with them means to confront and either anger or sadden them. It seems easier to keep what I see to myself and be supportive rather than be honest and well, kick a person when they’re down. Even tho at times that may be the fastest way to help them to their feet. Occasionally they really do want to lie there and then I ask what would a friend do, a true friend? Ultimately I have realized that there while there is a clear answer, how honest I am depends on the situation. Am I hurting myself by this dishonesty, quite possibly? Am I hurting them? I am not sure.
Blessings, G


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  1. Judging me or you, life has its way to do, get you up or shove you back, make you sometimes lose your track..between honesty and dishonesty..what you want for yourself or me..is it easy to give or take, advice or mistake..think , feel life is at stake

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