Tarot Post – Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles


ace of Pentacles

Tarot – Ace of Pentacles (revised) by G A Rosenberg


Desire grounding in reality
New roads appearing in my destiny
Finding my way has gotten easier
down to earth feels good if messier
Looking at all that nature has given me
grounded growing seeing what’s inside of me
Realizing that this my new beginning
having to surrender my losing to my winning
–G A Rosenberg


Seed begins sprouting

Life’s potential eminent

Planted in our hearts


In the tarot  the suit of Pentacles refers to the element of Earth and of practical matters such as work and partnerships of a business nature and of the home, the business side of the relationship. It also speaks of the natural world and feeling grounded.  Where the other suits speak of potentials in abstract matters, Pentacles speak of concrete realities. The Ace shows the seed of this speaking at once of beginnings , strengthening and renewal.

In a reading the Ace of Pentacles can refer to a new business opportunity, renewed strength and trust in a relationship or a feeling of groundedness after a long period of being scattered. It can also mean new money coming in and a new period of health and vitality. When reversed, it is not so much that these things aren’t present as that they are not appreciated. As in the most beautiful sunset in the world being missed out by the couple arguing over finances. Money conflicts can also be signified by the reverse Ace of Pentacles

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