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Two of Wands (Dominion)



Two of WandsTarot-Two of Wands (Revised) by G A Rosenberg


Two lives have I
and two meanings
Either will give me joy
The life of the city
excites and pleasures
with worlds to conquer
and pretties to taste
The life of the world
nature’s quietude
offers beauty and peace
like nothing I’ve known


How can I decide
Between living and life
How do I choose
Between my two worlds
In indecision I languish
with no action I’m weak
I must choose a course
NOW…well this week…
— G A Rosenberg


Having conquered all
I must choose a direction
Where is left to go?



Wands deal with force, creative, spiritual, and vital.  Twos deal with dualities and choices. When faced with the other do we fight it, love it, choose it or balance it?  In the case of the two of wands, we have used our force and we have accomplished. Now we are faced with a choice. Do we go forward into something new or do we stay with what we have already accomplished. Which road should we take. With the two of wands there is that frustration of needing the action that is denoted by the wands but facing the inaction of choosing.


Astrological Correspondence:  Mars in Aries – Mars in Aries is in its native sign and is all afire. It is a lot of quick energy seeking to take action and very impulsive. It will choose to do this, then this , then this, whether fighting , engaging in sex or conquering, it wants to go, go go..All kind of energy to make things happen but not necessarily attentive to details… So it may start one thing, than another than… but which one to continue? AARRGGH, forget it let’s just start something new. What happens then when there is nothing left to start?

I Ching Correspondence  26) Tau Ch’u — The Taming Power of the Great

___ ___
___ ___

This hexagram has the trigram of the Creative under or subservient to the trigram for Keeping Still. It refers to the Creative Force held in check. Success can come with any course of action once it is decided on.


When the two of wands comes up in a reading it normally refers to things going rather well for the querent tho there may be some serious question as to which path to take next. Making any choice in this situation is better than hesitating. Another way will always come up . It is better to go ahead now that you have momentum and energy on your side. And that you have in abundance

When the two of wands is reversed, it can show that one is hesitating over making a decision out of fear or apathy. It can also mean that a choice has been made but the follow-up just is not happening




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