Quote of the Day – February 11 2013

“You have passed through the two hardest tests on the spiritual road: the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what you encounter.”
― Paulo Coelho


If you enjoy the path you travel (and why be on a path you don’t or can’t enjoy?) then disappointment becomes about as unlikely as boredom. I still get surprised by the number of interesting thoughtful even whimsical people who speak of being bored. Why do I see them as being more interesting than they see themselves? Of course others might not enjoy punning contests with themselves as much as I do or thinking of the most bizarre thing I may encounter next. Patience tho becomes a bit trickier. I still find myself tempted at times to make things happen when patience is a better course. Still that’s getting better as well…
Blessings, G


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Queen's Service

Queen’s Service by G A Rosenberg


Jewel EyeJewel Eye by G A Rosenberg

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