Quote of the Day – February 12 2013

“This day will never come again and anyone who fails to eat and drink and taste and smell it will never have it offered to him again in all eternity. The sun will never shine as it does today…But you must play your part and sing a song, one of your best. ”
― Hermann Hesse


Celebrate this day with song and story
Celebrate it with life
Honour it with pleasure
Surrender it your pain
The gift of the present
as it swiftly moves away

I’ve said most of this before but it bears repeating. Even in those moments that life sucks, where everything feels black, appreciate them. When will you feel exactly this way for this reason ever again. Each instance is rare (some are occasionally well-done and those deserve celebration even more perhaps). This perspective of the moment and knowing that it could lead anywhere has gotten me through some very tough times. So especially if you can’t see the sense of it and all seems rough, use it as a benchmark to revisit when things seem great and you can appreciate how far you’ve come. So good or bad or anywhere on the spectrum in between, each day deserves celebration.
Blessings, G

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New Expansions by G A Rosenberg

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