Alchemical Mesa (Redux)


Elemental Gifts


I gave the fire my hope
fed it and raised it high
and it illuminated the night
and burned until morning’s breeze
stirred the lasting embers.


At water’s edge, I contemplate
watch the waves come in, withdraw
They speak to me in the Moon’s voice
which echoes my inner and outer vision
bringing me peace until dawn’s rising
calls me back inside.


The Air gives witness to my rage
it bears it up and outward
away from my being
Becalmed until new day’s pressure
starts building up within.

and so The Earth receives my love
mother at the root of all
she nourishes me as I suckle
safe until the daylight’s heat
starts rousing me again….


–G A Rosenberg


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alchemical mesaAlchemical Mesa by G A Rosenberg

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