Quote of the Day – March 13 2013

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”
― Henry David Thoreau


Things I see:
My fingers on the keyboard
Art on the desktop
guitar and music keyboard
books and more books
water containers
tarot cards
a breeze fluttering papers
a battery power in the making
a screen
a world of wonder waiting to be explored
a chance to do better
a hope for harmony
reasons to exist
joy in the making
bliss ready to begin
a message from a friend
a cat purring in her sleep
a life better than any I’ve dreamt
an opportunity to make things better


Just thought I’d share 🙂
What do you see?
Blessings, G


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Colour Poem 22Colour Poem #22 by G A Rosenberg


Night Swimming in Strange PoolsNight Swimming in Strange Pools by G A Rosenberg

0 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – March 13 2013”

  1. I see sleeping animals except one who is running on her wheel. The TV showing the Woody Allen film “Manhattan” but not getting my full attention. A laptop computer. A new couch that lets me spread out my creative gadgets. lots of flags. my favorite a black background with a green pot leaf on it just above the wide hdtv. get to see both at the same time. other flags are Scotland. Great Britain & I forget what the other one is. Two kitties licking the other. one is mom & the other one of her three sons. books. dvds. dvr. animal habitats. cat tree. chair. soccer ball. pillows. curtains. anyway. love your art on this page. Some day I would love to even get a little close to expressing my art in the way you have developed you talent. jk 🙂

    1. More and more in how you write and how you express you are reaching your highest vision… I find myself dropping back a few steps (sometimes more) every so often. Being kind with myself helps

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